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Please take a minute to read...


Hey I've set up a petition to get endometriosis recognised as a disability as I feel no one takes us sufferers seriously and no one understands the true extent of the mental and physical pain we suffer. If you could take a minute to read and sign we can try and do this together. Feel free to share on social media.

Kind regards

Bel .x.

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Sorry forgot to attach the link for the petition..

Great idea! I have just signed, I hope this is successfull for all of us :) x

Bel1789 in reply to Harpyiai

Thank you 😊 x.

I totally agree hun! I have signed xx

Bel1789 in reply to helen979

Thank you.x.x.😊

Well done for taking the time to organise this petition good luck

Bel1789 in reply to MelT1968

Thank you.x.

I've signed.... it's about time it's recognised as a disability.. the nature of this disease is that you don't necessarily need long periods of time off work the odd day or two here and there. This unforetunately leads to sickness reviews at work and if no improvement (which there wouldn't be - because, let's face it, it never really goes away does it!?) you end up with your job at risk... if it were recognised as a disability you would feel a lot safer in your position as it would be a lot harder to fire you for absences.... I really hope this petition works! well done and Thank you for doing it!

Your so right there I've had to go self employed as I was always in trouble with work for being absent or being late due to the nature of endometriosis and not knowing when it was going to flare up but no one believes the true extent of how bad it can be. Thank you for your support😊.x.

Fantastic !! you are right no doctors or hospitals unless they are specialist in endo have no idea the pain we all suffer!! its a horrendous disease that i can only describe as labour pains and depression. Ill sign and help wherever i can. Well done you : ) x

Bel1789 in reply to zoerother

Tell me about it all normal doctors think we're hypocondriacs and we've got nothing better to do than go to doctors😒. I'm going to try my best to get it recognised once and for all. Thanks for signing.x.x.

Have signed fab idea hope it helps get recognition it deserves.

Bel1789 in reply to Endo19

Thank you.x.

Just signed :) I really hope it can be recognised as a disability, you never think you'll end up in a situation where you are unable to cope with daily tasks. I don't think they understand what a struggle it is each day!

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