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Hello, all my lovely ladies:)

I am writing this post to help raise awareness of endometriosis, all of you on here and reading this post know exactly what endometriosis is and more than likely know all about the side effects and have different ways of coping with them. I personally know all the ups and downs of this condition as I was diagnosed with it myself and now have Endo on my womb, ovaries, bowl, kidneys the list goes on. over the years I've been passed from Dr to surgeon to consultant endless times for treatment, operations and the never ending knowledge of never getting a final answer about my body or how its still managing to function :(

I also know from experience how life changing this condition can be, I could sit on here and probably write a novel on my hormonal state at times' and the emotions I go through in one day would have average person think I'm some kind of nutter. It's not just the person that has the condition that it effects friends, family, colleges and partners all end up in the line of fire when it all gets too much for us.

So my lovely husband who has put up with me all these years and supported me through everything. I love him the world and appreciate all that he has done for me, as I'm sure you all feel the same about your partners and loved ones. He has decided he wants to help raise money for ENDOMETRIOSIS UK. Not just to benefit me but all you lovely ladies out there with this hellish condition that we have and suffer at times from.

He will be running in The Bournemouth Marathon on the 6th October 2013 to help raise pennies for us girlies out there wanting answers and a cure hopefully one day..

PLEASE DONATE your pennies or pounds to;


Thank you soo much for taking the time to read this post its muchly appreciated :)

Loves & Hugs

Jolie :)

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What a wonderful husband you have. Tell him good luck and enjoy it the run from a fellow sufferer! I hear that more and more profile is being raised about endometriosis. I still find it unbelievable (and down right annoying) that my female gp 2 years ago fobbed me off when I went to her with dreadful heavy periods, spotting all way through month, fatigue, problems going to the loo etc but she just said it's okay spotting is quite normal, and you probably have IBS. Got so fed up with her finally saw someone else who then last year sent me for tests/scan and it was revealed I had severe endometriosis and organs stuck together. Now 41 and facing open up surgery before I can have IVF. So awareness definitely needs to be raised with GPs in particular! Anyway I'll stop rambling, hope the marathon goes well! Xx

Its a brilliant idea but it would be more beneficial going partially towards a research company as Endo UK themselves don't research. Half could go to Endo UK as they raise the awareness and half to a research facility as they will find the cure. You don't have to but I thought it would be a good idea, good luck to you both!! :) x

EndoUK_CommsModerator in reply to LeyaC

Hi LeyaC,

We are a very small charity that relies largely on fundraisers such as jolie-c's partner. We use money raised by our supporters to run and manage our support services, which covers our free helpline, local support groups and this forum. We are not currently involved in research, but we do help recruit participants for studies focusing on endometriosis. Our goal as an organisation is to eventually be able to fund endometriosis research.

LeyaC in reply to EndoUK_Comms

That is perfectly fine, I just thought a bit could go to each as it would help find a cure and support women so thought both would be good :)

Sporen and LeylaC

Thank you so much for reading my post, Endo UK has advised me on the fact the don't actually do the research but are a help and support group for us girlies. I my self have had no support throughout the years and only recently found out about Endo UK recently, and that was because my hubby got fed up of me moaning about not being listened to or guided etc. He done some digging for me and found this site, it has helped me sooo much just reading about women going through the same torture and torment as I am in life.(i'm not alone) When I was first misdiagnosed, I was told I had ovarian cancer at the tender age of 14 not satisfied with what I had been told my father paid for me to go privet like you said Sporen not enough GP's out there know or understand the extent of effects that Endo has on a woman:( we are currently trying to get pregnant but its early days yet, I've had the ops and meds to get to this point, but at present I am on very little medication because I'm terrified in case I do fall pregnant and end up harming baby due to meds. I am in absolute agony 99% of the time, fortunately we are financially stable enough for me to take a year out from teaching to get pregnant. I know this sounds stupid to the average woman for me to do; but trying to control a class of unruly teenagers and cope with the feeling Im being constantly punched in the gut or Im high on tramadol I just couldn't cope:( we have been told that it looks like IVF is probably going to be the route we have to take... fingers crossed :) I am at present booked into a hospital that has a specialist unit for endometriosis and have my first consultation in a few weeks! but its took ages to get referred to them hopefully It will be worth while.

much loves


What a brilliant man! I have been thinking about how to raise awareness recently, it drives me mad that it's such a debilitating condition, affecting so many women and yet we still have to go through even more degradation of explaining what it is to about half of the people we tell! Please let us know how it goes, and thank you to u both! X

Awwww I hope all gones well Jolie-C! U av a lovely hubby that's supports you. I can understand ur pain, I have stage 4 endo with organs stuck to my Bowles

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