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Hi,im new to all this,ive been reading all your posts and alot of what you are all saying rings the same with me. I havent been diagnosed yet. My periods have always been irregular since they started at 13. I can go months without one for the past few years now some of them have been very long,bleeding for 3 weeks with very heavy days. I have no energy. Before the bright red blood I get black or very dark brown which is like tar. I also suffer from lower back pain. During my last period I thought I had a water infection but i didnt just alot of pressure in my pelvis.

Do most people have surgery to help or is this just if you would like a family? I have had a child and dont want any more so what happens then?

Sorry for the long post!

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Hi - surgery is done for two reasons. To treat pain or to help fertility. If you are in England or Wales the treatment is underpinned by the NICE guidelines that you can see here:


Essentially it will be based on how the pain impacts your life and the treatment options for suspected endo would be contraceptive pills first then surgery if they failed to help. But it is your choice and you can opt for a diagnostic lap to see what's going on.

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