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47 years old, diagnosed with endo in my lungs at first following 10 right side pneumothorax. Had major lung surgery to clue lung in place and remove endo tissue. Became symptomatic of abdominal endo in 2012 and since had 2 laps to remove endo and had mirena coil fitted at same time. Unfortunately this caused constant bleeding so had removed. Only time I've felt well in last 5 years was when I was on Zoladex for 6 months. This disease is nasty. Living with constant pain (severe) at times and chronic fatigue that few people can truly understand makes you feel very isolated and add to that the effort involved in maintaining a normal life, going to work, family life, and enjoying any kind of normal healthy sex life becomes very difficult. The feelings of inadequcies lead to frustration and depression and it's a hard cycle to break. I've just spent the past 3 years studying to be a teacher. Achieved a first in my degree and recently moved to Hong Kong with my newly wedded hubbie and 2 of my 3 children. Although I have landed a job at a top international school, I have spent the past 2 days laid up in bed with severe pain and heavy bleeding. Like all you ladies, all I want is to be able to live a near normal life, to have the energy to get up early for work, and the physical ability to do the things I use to do when I was younger. My heart goes out to all you young ladies, some still teenagers suffering from this awful condition, despite the severity of my endo now, I thank god that I didn't have it earlier in life and was blessed with my 3 beautiful children. They give me the strength and motivation to keep going and I hope that one day our amazing doctors will understand more about this bizarre illness and come up with a treatment for us all.

L x

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Thank you, reading that post is what I needed this morning. You have just put into words exactly how I feel. I'm 32 recently diagnosed and going round in that horrible circle you mentioned, haven't been to work for two months, one day depressed and feel hopeless the next I get some strength to fight it again, the next depressed and so it goes on.

Frustration is a massive thing when living with this condition, if more people understood the better it would get.

I don't have children yet as the depression side of things makes me feel I wouldn't cope and then pops the question, will I even be able to have children?

Sorry to go on, needed a little vent lol.

I wonder if anyone out there has a good story, one that gives some hope x


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