So glad I have found somewhere where I can talk about having endometreosis. I have suffered from pains in my pelvis since I was 14. After a long battle with doctors they finally done more tests to which they found I had stage two Endo. Ive had 3 laparoscopy's and it keeps coming back. definitely not the easiest thing us woman can go through but having other people to talk to has definitely made me feel alot more relaxed. X

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  • Hi Emma I'm new to this site as well I really feel for you I know exactly how your feeling I'm having my 5th lap nxt wk just seems never-ending doesn't it I'd love to wake up one day and be pain free !!! Hope you find something soon that helps xx

  • Hi Laura

    Thank you for replying. Wow your 5th I wish you the best of luck although I'm sure you will get less pain. I hope that after every operation but it never seems to leave me. So would I wish there was a switch to just take it away. I really hope your operation makes you feel better. I feel bad for you too hun xx

  • Thank you Emma same here never seems to help with pain if you find something let me know lol xx

  • Hi, Emma, I'm sorry that things haven't gone well... I can only share what has helped me in the last month and a half. I have been trying to get doctors to listen to my complaints as well, but I haven't been officially diagnosed with endo. I was miserable enough two months ago to try to figure out my own solution and went to the internet (naturally!) I found "endovan" and have been taking it for about a month and a half. It has done wonders for me! If you want to read my progress on it, search this forum for "endovan" and it will come up as "Review of Endovan." I'm trying to update every two weeks or so. I can't say that it will work for everyone, but my life is changed! I hope that you find a treatment that works for you!

  • Hi what kind of medication is endovan ? Can it affect the ovulation ? Iv tried everything else out there and nothing helps the thought of taking something that might work makes me wanna scream with excitement lol xx

  • Hi, endovan is a combination of herbs and an enzyme called nattokinase (spelling?). It's supposed to work because the enzyme destroys the fibroids holding the endo masses in place in all those spots it shouldn't be. I've read where some people have tried just buying the enzyme but they didn't have much luck so the herbs must be helping too. All I can say is that it is working for me!

  • Glad you've found something can you take it while trying to conceive ? X

  • According to their web site you can but should stop if you get pregnant. I'm not trying so all I can say is what they have on their site. Good luck!

  • Thank you xx

  • Hi Laura - I wanted to follow up with you to see if you tried endovan and if it was helping you at all... I hope it is!

  • Hi Ashley I haven't got any yet been recovering from op and went back to work yesterday and had my little one to look after where online can I order some ? Xx

  • Hi Laura - The web-site is just endovan.com. Good luck!

  • Thank you Ashley I will keep you posted xx

  • Iv just been to the website I wish it wasn't so expensive I can't afford that every month : ( xx

  • It is pretty expensive - I wish we were allowed to use healthcare coverage to get herbal supplements! :(

  • Defo : ( xx

  • Hey Laura - I'm doing a trial on myself to see if I can supplement endovan with the main ingredient - nattokinase. You can get pills of just that enzyme for about $15 a bottle, so it would reduce the cost substantially if I can take that instead of one or two daily pills of endovan... I'm going to post updates of my super scientific trial on my main endovan thread.

  • Hi Ashley that sounds interesting let me know how it goes hope it works !! X

  • Hi

    Am due my 5th in sept, although no cure I did notice an ease in symptoms after each once with about. A 3/4 year gap before things got really bad again like now. Don't like having to go on mini pill as a solution to reduce growth rate but now considering my fertility that's no longer an option either, worried about the future as if thus wasn't hard enough to deal with. Feel your pain......literally.

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