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Cyst and fertility questions

Hello, I'm just looking for some advice or similar experiences please?

I'm currently awaiting my appointment with an endo centre following an mri that has shown my ovarian cyst (on my right found when complaining of pain on left) is likely to be endometriosis. Just before I first posted on here I had an horrendous period that resulted in a visit to a&e when I suspected that the cyst ruptured. I won't go on but please feel free to read my earlier post. I've had two periods since my really bad one and throughout them I had all the pains I've always had, bowel trouble etc with this new pain on my right. Is this normal after a rupture? Also, once upon a time my periods would end and so would the pain, now I'm in pain for up to two weeks later. But generally on the right and more so when I'm lying down. Does this mean anything? Has anyone else had this? Suppose I'm worried what's going on down there while I wait for an appointment.

Additionally, I've been ttc for a while (over 12 mths) but I've never had two cycles the same length (20-50 days) and ovulation time hurts. So my other question is do either of these symptoms mean it's unlikely to happen without help? I'm sure nobody wants to reply to take away hope but I'd rather see an honest reply to get my head around what I do next.

Thank you xx

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