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Advice Or Experiences please

Hi, I was diagnosed with endo 10yrs ago. Have had multiple laps to remove scar tissue and separate organs that had been fused together. I have found this site due to searching endo and umbilical hernia. I had a umbilical hernia op in 2013, after the op the surgeon stated he had spotted scaring on my stomach wall but I was so out of it I couldn't ask any questions. Since the op I have had this 'lump' above where my belly button used to sit. It is noticeable when standing however I have looked 6mths pregnant for the past year due to my stomach muscles tearing. The lump is painful, hard but under the skin. Has anyone experienced an umbilical endometoma under the skin after a hernia operation and if so what were your symptoms? Any help would be appreciated x

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Hi. I haven't got an umbilical one but I have a hard pea sized lump near my lap scar. Over time it would get painful and swollen in the area with my period and then go down. I'm now on pop which has reduced symptoms although lump is still there

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