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Not insured so chose natural remedies

hello, i have been a member to this site for about a month and i felt a bit out of place after reading that most if not all members of this community have been to doctors..well in my case i haven't since i cant afford insurance and my work does not offer it but i still wanted to share my story

my period was normal til i was 35 but i had a major change in my personal life, left me without friends and fiancè so went thru a horrible depression and my way to deal with everything was over eating junk food..fast forward 2 yrs and suddenly i was experiencing heavy bleeding which for me was completly new subject to deal with but then became painful, at first it wasnt as bad and since i work as a nurse aid i assumed it was due to the pain in my ovaries and lots of walking but month after month my periods started to change from bright red blood and period lasting 5-6 days to heavy periods lasting 4 days but the first 2 days my blood was dark brown and pain left me paralyzed for 2 days..i became constipated, couldnt even pee sometimes but i would leak at times, when in pain i was literally in bed and couldnt even move or eat..i cant afford a doctor so i did what anyone in my place wouldve done and i turned to the internnet..well there it was filled with all kinds of information about surgeries and symptoms it was all so confusing because i was playing both the patient and the doctor..i first started with vitex which for me was unsuccesful i waited for 8 months to see that it had to build in my body but nothing so i searched a bit more and after trying many things that failed me i suddenly came upon a blog that talked about endometriosis and its symptoms well needless to say they sounded like mine..so i started searching about natural cures and to make long story short what i did has actually left me pain free for the first time in 2 yrs!!

here is my success story and i so hope it can help at least one of you

i changed my diet (cant say i stick to it ALL the time) but i make an effort that at least 90 percent yes) to plant based foods..i read that red meat or any meat can cause inflammation in the body so please try it

also i started maca which in my case it worked but if you guys can please look for a naturopath that can recommend it..dosage and if its right for you..i didnt because i cant affod it..but please if you can look for one..

also what i think made a huge impact on me was that i started taking turmeric with black pepper and boswellia 2 times a day and i have waited a month to see if i had any changes and i can finally report that this last period it was as close as normal ad ive had it in years!!

please research turmeric and boswellia and how it helps with inflammation and the effects on endometriosis

im just a woman with no money and with lots of a broken heart im not tryng for anyone to not see a doctor but to at least try to turn to a healthy diet and try some natural remedies if you are in my shoes

blessings for all 😊

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Some of us are fortunately enough to live in the UK where health care is free we don't have such problems BUT still turn to natural remedies also! :-) turmeric is meant to be amazing so keep going with it. I have also stopped taking any fish oils or evening primrose oil as it can thin your blood and increase bleeding. Have seen an improvement since then so maybe that might help as well. YOU GO GIRL!!! Seriously life is rubbish at times but sounds like you've got the strength to keep it up. I hope things start to look up xxx


Thank you and well done xx


Thank you for this and I'm glad pain is no longer as bad for you that is really great :-)


I've also been taking about 1 pill of turmeric per day... I'm not consistent though since I think it may cause some upset stomach for me! I take that in addition to sarsaparilla root (for my skin issues - psoriasis) and endovan.

I have insurance, but doctors have been letting me down my whole life... they aren't into figuring out the root of any problem, they just try to medicate to treat symptoms (that's been my personal experience with doctors, but I've heard that some have found good ones). That's great sometimes, but I'd much rather try to figure out what's causing it and go a more natural route.

Glad you were able to figure out something inexpensive that worked for you!


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