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Some help needed please

Good day Ladies, I would like to ask have any of you ladies since being diagnosed with endo via laproscopy found that up until the time of excision surgery has your surgeon found that your endo has got significantly worse and your organs are more affected than previously found? also have anymore fibroids, cysts, polyps, adeoymiosis etc been found? also may I ask since being diagnosed through laproscopy and to excision surgery what sort of time span were you looking at where your surgeon has found your endo etc has got worse? Have your symptoms got significantly worse or stayed the same? also can I ask has anyone after laproscopy and waiting for surgery had another abdo and transvaginal ultrasound?

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June 2014 I stopped taking microgynon (contraceptive pill) three weeks later I had an emergency lap and was told I had mild superficial endo. In December 2014 I had another lap to get rid of this Endo. The lap took a lot longer than expected and I woke up to be told I had extensive endo, obliterated pouch of Douglas, endo on ureter, ovaries, bowel and adhesions.

So for me the time frame was 6 months.

I also had an abdominal and TV ultrasound in the October which was normal.

For me I felt the same. I wasn't aware that things had got worse.

Hope this helps,



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