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New doctor, returning to work

Been off work for a week with pain and sickness, which work wasn't happy about. I work for an agency at a warehouse, standing for 8 hours a day, of course I needed to be off if it was making everything worse. So had them constantly applying pressure and asking for a diagnosis which I still don't really have, but at least I saw a new doctor today and explained to her properly about everything. She was nice and even offered to sign me off for a few months, I said no and will be returning to work tomorrow with amended duties (which means I can sit down, all day or whenever I choose,) that'll make a hell of a difference I imagine.

I mentioned sleeping 3 hours a night, the pain, sickness, not eating, and the mental impact it's having on me as well. She listened and I felt like I was being taken seriously for once.

Hopefully she'll push for further things to be done.

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Hi - can you pm me so we can keep a track on ensuring you get to proper treatment.x


I'm glad you got listened to by the new doctor. It makes such a difference. I hope she refers you to a competent endo specialist.


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