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Hi. I am 4 month into prostap treatment and I must say it has really helped me a lot. I am wondering from people with experience, what will my next option be once the 6 months is complete?

Before this I have tried everything and nothing has worked except the prostap. And I can not stay on this for ever. I have had 4 laps and I really don't fancy another one.

Another thing, my consultant is rubbish. Very rarely get to see him and only ever see registars that don't know me from adam. It would be nice to have some help and support. Been so alone with this for the past 6 years.

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I've been in prostap for 3 years (2years without Adback and 1 with Adback in the form of Yasmin) in until 3month ago this managed my pain really well te Adback isn't working at the moment but wanted to share as normally it's 6minths but with careful management and looking at women as individuals it doesn't have to be. I have 6 monthly dexa scans for my bones as part of the managent plan :)


Hi, like Emma has mentioned you can be on prostap for longer than 6 months. It depends on your medical history such as do you have a family history of osteoporosis, are you tolerating the symptoms well. I was on prostap for 11 months, my consultant put me on prostap to try to reduce some of the areas of endo which he hoped would make excision surgery easier to perform as I had very severe endo.

Why don't you ask to be specifically seen by your consultant and not registrars? I have done this before. Or if you have found your consultant to be really bad than ask to be referred to someone else, I'm sure you'd be within your rights to do that.

Have you had hour laps at a bsge centre and have they been excision surgery? If no go both than I would as say get a referral to a specialist centre and make sure they remove the endo by excision as at the moment that is the only way to effectively remove endo.


Well my 6 months is up. Been told to try nothing and come back in 3 months to tell them how I have been!


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