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Any help is appreciated


Im 20 and I have mild Endo.

I was hoping someone could give me tips on how to deal with all these side effects I really dont want hormones or surgery, would love to have kids so I dont want to play with my hormones, Iv just gone back on the pill after a year been off which made the pains quiet bad while I was off it..

Iv read yoga can help but another article said it can worsen it..

Also read diets help but basically it kills everything i love to eat Im not sure if Im happy about that idea of giving up what I consider food..

I feel like a complete emotional mess and feel very alone as Im the first in my family and of all my friends to have it..

Id love if there was anyone in the south of London, Croydon side that I can meet up with or if you have any advice for me id appreciate it.



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Hi Becca, don't panic, you are not alone. When I was first diagnosed I was in the same boat, no-one close to me really understood but in time you will find that they will do their absolute best to understand and support you. I just sent my nearest and dearest a link to the endo UK website so they could read up on it themselves which really helped.

Basically you will find conflicting advice on everything! My advice is - trial and error, if yoga makes you feel good keep doing it, if it doesn't, don't! (What I will say is that exercise really helps me, straight after exercise I can feel horrible and extremely tired, but the next day can be almost pain free as a result.) Same with food, try and keep track of what you have eaten on days you feel the worst and see if you find a pattern, if you do then eliminate that item and see if it works, if not re-introduce it to your diet.

I was diagnosed in 2006 with stage 4 and have had three surgeries in total, I could have had more but I held off as I don't believe multiple surgeries in quick succession is safe or effective, my current specialist agrees thankfully. I also have not had any hormone therapy, I have the mirena coil which is amazing for me (but not for everyone sadly).

Also don't get too hung up on the fertility side of things, plenty of ladies with endometriosis do have children whether it be naturally or with IVF etc.

My biggest tool is my mindset, be positive as much as you can, do your utmost to not to let it stop you or get in the way, but hey we all have the bad days or weeks that mean we just want to curl up in a ball and cry that's totally normal!

This community is great and I think you will get a lot out of it, we are always here to lend an ear!

Keep your chin up and feel free to message me if you want

Emma xxx


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