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I've been in pain for nearly 4 weeks now. Was back and forth to doctors the first week and ended up getting rushed to hospital the 2nd week was in hospital for just over a week and they sent me home saying that it's just my endometriosis and there is nothing they can do! I only had my surgery 7 months ago and have said that they can't do anything because it's not been over a year since I had a op! I've asked to be refered to a specialist because I feel like the hospital are not supportive or tell you how to deal with it in anyway! Ended up just telling them to let me home because I got moaned at by nurses for asking for pain relief and they ignored me for 40 mins at one point when I buzzed for pain relief. Was in tears with the pain rocking back and forward and they just walked past me. Feel alone with it because none of my family have this condition only me and it's like they don't understand the pain sometimes even tho they do be supportive! Any advice on what to do to till I get an appointment with the specialist!


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I am so sorry you are being treated like this and unfortunately its a story which is all too familiar

Is it possible you could get your GP to refer you to a different hospital? And arrange for an ultrasound scan (assuming they didn't do one when you were admitted) encase you have a chocolate cyst or similar

I had to go privately in the end to get sorted and I know that's not an option for everyone but if you see a specialist privately they can then refer you into their nhs clinic too so it's a thought but I'd not be going back to that hospital for sure and would be looking to be seen elsewhere

I really hope you get some help soon and someone listens to you, there is nothing worse than being in so much pain and being dismissed as its all in your head x


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