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Has anyone else had this?

For a few nights every month, I wake up with pain in my sides dying for a wee, the pain is at the sides and back, kind of where a woman's waist goes in and feels like it radiates to the side of my stomach, it's that bad I can't stretch my body out straight until I have been and then I'm left with an ache for a few hours. I've had an ultrasound on my kidneys but have also had laparoscopy where endometriosis was found, one of the places they found it was ureters, I don't know if the pain is to with endo but I'm getting quite concerned x

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You have described what I feel and I often wonder if ive got a really bad water/kidney infection but my urine is always clear when tested... I dont know if your the same but when I feel the pain in the sides and back i literally have to pass urine there and then or the pain radiates more and I just cant ignore it I have to get out of bed... im convinced its the endo and wondered whether its attached itself 2 my bladder but like you im unsure x


They have found endo on/by ureters so it would make sense. It's just hard to believe something that mainly relates to pelvic pain can move so far up! X


Hello. I have endo on my right ureter which has caused a total block from my kidney to my bladder meaning my right kidney no longer works. I get the same type of pain each month with the pain radiating in to my groin. I was under the gynae and urologist until recently. My uro told me it is related to the endo and not the kidney it's self.

I'm also now prone to lower UTIs and have them every couple of months which can make the pain worse. I don't really have any of the normal symptoms of a UTI but when they test it's always positive.

Might be worth getting checked? good luck x


Oh, that's bad. I think I will defo mention this to gynae next time I'm seen x


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