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Advice Please

Hello ladies

I had my follow up appointment today after having endometriosis burned away in April. He wouldn't have it that I'm still suffering from pain and other symptoms pretty much on a daily basis. Then contradicted himself saying I may have it deeper then he could see. He's taken me off the pill rigevidon and put me on provera thinking this will help and he wants to see me in 3 months but he just said I got rid of it all it can't be endometriosis causing the pain anymore...


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I'm uncomfortable with gynaecologist's view that the do lap you should be pain free after it as that's not always the case, some times it's deeper or missed completely or cannot be removed if it's in certain locations. I'm on list to have my lap within the next 8/52 and already been told I might not get much benefit for first 3 months whilst I heal inside but if still sore after that then it's not the endo


Because they can't always get it all. There are microscopic lesions that can cause us severe pain. If they can't see it while they are in there, they can't stop the pain.

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Hi - this is such a common story. It is well recognised that most women who present at some point with severe endo have had a lap early on and been told they don't have it. This gynae has admitted himself that there can be deep endo that he might have missed so why does he consider himself qualified to undertake a diagnostic lap in the first place we have to ask? General gynaes seem to consider diagnostic laps as such routine affairs but they are not. They should be undertaken by skilled surgeons with knowledge and experience of the many presentations and locations of the disease. The fundamental problem is that endo is still under general gynaecology when it should be a speciality in its own right with only specialists dealing with it.

Deep endo is unfortunately in one of the most common locations that endo is found and is therefore in one of the most commonly missed places. The indicator for you is where you are feeling pain. The place usually missed is the pouch of douglas between the back of the cervix and rectum. Along with general pelvic pain you can expect low back pain and often pain down a leg, usually the left, and sometimes bowel problems.

Furthermore burning off endo by ablation only destroys very shallow lesions so you may still have pain from inadequate treatment of that he did treat.

It is still quite early days but if your pain continues you need referral to a specialist centre. Click on my name and look at my post on how to do this. x


I was told I had it in the pouch of Douglas last year, it wasn't removed and I am having a lot of back pain with it down the leg.

Thank you Lindle I will.


Then that is your answer my love. You need to see a proper specialist who can free up the adhesions you are likely to have and excise your endo. What area of the UK are you in? x


I'm in the Berkshire area x


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