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Any one else experienced this?

Hi all I've been ttc for 3 years had my first op in nov found staged two endo, they managed to remove it all unfortunately it came back in February. Periods have been regular since my op,I am now 9 days late 5 days ago experienced spoting I've

had no Endo pain for two weeks which I usual get it daily, really thought I was pregnant but got negative today really don't know what's going on has any one else experienced any thing like this before?

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Are you on any progesterone. It seems to help reduce endo but u need the right dosage. Some girls say the tissue has to be actually cut out to totally remove. I think that would depend on the location, mine was on my bladder.They say no hormones shld b given the first year after removal of endo to make sure all tissue remains dead. It cld get stimulated again with estrogen Are u on birth control. If so, see how much estrogen versus progesterone is in birth control your taking. In my opinion progesterone in girls with endo should b higher than estrogen.


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