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Hi whent to see me GP she now put my gabapentin up to 600x3a day now and to take my parcetmols 2x3a day and take co-dyersmol 500 2xat night for my pain and still stay on my morphin just got a letter to go to Calderdale royal hospital on 16th July to have a Electromyography and I see my specialty on 9th July can not say I am looking forward to having this Electromyography as any one had one can you let me know how you did when having it thanks x

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Hi... Hope you're well? Sorry I know this is an old post but I am having this test in two weeks at Calderdale and just wondered how you found it and was it useful? I suffer from under active thyroid, low iron and vitamin D and I'm currently under an endocrinologist at Calderdale. I have been referred for this test as I suffer from peripheral neuropathy and have constant pins and needles in hands and feet which creeps and burns up arms and legs. Also have some numbness too.

Thanks Louise


Sorry just seen it I had them put on my fingers and shocks on them to test if they was any think wrong it was not too bad I had to go back to my doctors he sed I had carpel tunnel on both hands so just had my first hand done got to have my other hand done now and my shoulder too good luck let me know how you go on xx


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