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Just wondering

I have endometriosis and andemyosis (although still not sure what stage as been on a surgery waiting list the past 2months and still not been given a date) but I was wondering is it normal to spot and bleed for 5weeks straight!?

The pain has been manageable as I've pretty much turned my diet on its head but randomly like tonight I'm in total agony again the painkillers seem to be doing nothing and I can't ease it. I suppose technically I'm starting my cycle again but it never ended?

I'm just getting very down and fed up. I'm trying everything I can but it still happening and I'm getting very low. Im at the doctors again in the morning but it means another day off work :( I love my job and I get more low with each day I miss.

Tbh I just wanted to vent I guess. Sorry for wasting your time

G x

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Sorry to hear that you are feeling poorly. I'm recovering myself at the moment so can empathise. Really to stop the pain you need to stop your periods, I've recently been taking visanne and it completely stopped my menstral cycle and aside from some weight gain was easy to tolerate. It's a progesterone only pill. I don't know how you feel about hormones but that or surgery are the only two real treatments we have. Prior to this I was tricycling Yasmin which settled my endo down for a while, not 100 that this was the right treatment as although I was pain free for a long time, the endo came back probably due to the fact I was having a few periods a year and Yasmin does contain synthetic estrogen.

I suggest go back to your gynae and if your gynae isn't an endo specialist the swop, I trusted too many general gynaes over the years, you need someone who is a specialist in these conditions.

Hope you get treatment and feel better soon. X


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