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Getting diagnosed

Hi everyone. I guess I don't fit in as I'm not diagnosed yet. I've been suffering with the symptoms for 7 years but because I am overweight they have kept fobbing me off. I'm finally booked in for my laproscopy and I just pray it's not endo but at the same time If it is then t least they will have to take me seriously. I can't work because my pain and my periods are so bad when they come I can barely move. I've just completed a degree but I'm terrified I will never feel better enough to chase the dream job.

I just wondered if after diagnosis it gets any better? Do they help you manage the pain? Sorry I'm rambling ive just been waiting so long for them to take me seriously I just hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel now.

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I've not been diagnosed yet - u still fit in this is a really good site to get advice and everyone understands what your going through x

Look at user lindle she has some really amazing informative posts x


I've not been diagnosed yet either and have just found and joined this site today. I'm finding it really helpful with the little I have explored so far.

It has taken me a number of visits to different GP's to finally have a referral made so just waiting for the appointment now.


I began suffering with symptoms when I was about 13/14 (I began my periods at 11). Despite several visits to the GP and A&E, nothing was done until I had a laparoscopy two months before my 21st birthday. I was given Zoladex for six months and then put on steroids for two months after which I had a cardiac due to the significant weight gain (of 6 stones) in such a short timeframe. I came off that and then had various surgeries. It is a relief to finally have a diagnosis but twenty five years later and a dozen surgeries later, nothing much has changed for me. That said, some people have found relief in varying degrees but to answer your question (1) yes a diagnosis helps and (2) managing the pain can be successful depending on how and where and when this is undertaken. Being overweight can be a problem because of the tissue they have to get through but should not be a reason for you to be fobbed off. Being assertive (not aggressive) is helpful to get the treatment you need and deserve.


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