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Do I have endo?

Hi, recently had severe abdominal pain and was rushed into hospital with suspected appendicitis. As night progressed they didn't think I was in enough pain so thought it migh teeb gynaecological. Once my bloods were back they rushed me into surgery, I presumed they showed an infection and so if appendix it was an emergency. Anyway, it wasn't my appendix, but they found blood in my pelvis. I was diagnosed with retrograde menstruation. A Dr friend says this might be endometriosis. I have been referred finally for a ovary scan. But I guess I want to ask how other people were diagnosed. I might not even have it but I feel something is up. To have such sharp pain! I'm worried as don't want the pain again. I feel the appointment is taking ages, still not letter for a date. I've always had heavy and painful periods. I never take time off work as feel it's not a valid reason. But wake in night with period pain. So could say I have bad pain. It's nice to finds community of peopl who suffer with gynacaological stuff! Please share any experiences. It's quite traumatic being rushed to hospital and having lots of invasive treatments and being asked if you pregnant every 5 mins! Then no one takes you seriously or finds your problems embarrassing..... Anyway, rant over.

Thank for listening. Please let me know of your experiences. We need to reform the gynaecological services!

Jess xx

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Hi,I went through something similar however I already had my appendix out! I got told I had pelvic inflammatory disease, an ovarian cyst and basically bad pmt (one doc even told me I had pulled a stomach muscle!) in the end spent 3 days being poked, prodded on painkillers and antibiotics then sent home. Had to wait 8 weeks for a follow up appointment. I had another ultrasound inbetween but they wouldn't tell me if/what they found. In all this time I hit my time of the month again and ended up practically crawling to the doctors for painkillers. When I finally got my appointment they told me I probably had endometriosis but wouldn't officially diagnose me until after a lap. I'm now waiting for a operation appointment. Although im due at the docs again as I fainted at work earlier due to pain. I would say you know your body trust yourself and don't be fobbed off!


Hi, thanks so much for replying. I can totally relate to your situation. I get dizzy a lot, do you find that? My right side is still very tender, especially when I'm tired so that's what making me think I have endo, or a cyst. I just wished they done a scan then and not taken my appendix out as the pain could be scar tissues still. Only been 7 weeks since my op. Also, lapro only way of diagnosis, bit worried as just had one. But I guess all takes times. Like you've reassured me, this will be a long journey. One I will haven to make I think.... I'd've always felt different haha at aged 14 I was sent home from school as my period so bad! Sorry for all typos... Ipad is disobedient! Thanks again. When's your lapro? Will be thinking of you

J xxx


I will say the pain after having your appendix out can be brutal. Mine burst so it wasn't keyhole and had to have a drain put in. Took about 3 months before I felt ok again.

Don't rush and don't push it. Also surgery makes you tired while your system clears the drugs out. Hopefully I'm getting the lapo in 2/3 months depending on waiting times! Try not to freak out. I know much easier said than done as I'm a HUGE WORRIER! (I used to pass out as a teenager and vomit with pmt but docs told me it was just because I wasnt used to i, the reason I've not had symptoms in years was because I had the implant over 9 years)

At the end of the day you know your body, read up on possibilities and see what you think. Go to the docs fore armed and knowledgeable

Gem xx


endopeadia is one of the best sites I have been on for explaining anything and everything endo related.


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