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Clomid and endo

Hi I am on my fourth month of clomid now and my cycle is I get pain when I'm ovulating for a week then I get pain when I'm due on until my period starts. This month I was one week late and have just finished my period I am m having sharpe pains that feel sore and like my ovary is throbbing I'm wondering if this could Maybe be a cyst formed or is it still my endo it's usually calmed down by now and pain does feel different to my usual shapes stabbing twisting pain please help thank you xxxx stomach is also very swollen xx

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Hi - it is usually not recommended to take clomid for more than 3 cycles. You can develop something called ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome which can cause a swollen abdomen and pain as you describe. You should not take any more and see your doctor as soon as you can to get checked. If you have a Saturday surgery I should go tomorrow to be on the safe side. Please can you keep in touch if you are not seen and your symptoms continue. x


Thank you I have got an appointment today in so much pain stomach very swollen n feels sore I just think all the drs don't seem to caren always dismiss my pain with my endo so I won't be going to hospital it's always a waste of time 😞 xx


Hi Charlie. I'm so glad you got an appointment. Your GP might not even be aware of this complication so I suggest you print off this literature provided by the NHS in case you need evidence of what you are worried about. Specifically say you are very concerned about ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome as a complication of clomid trteatment. Say you have sought advice from Endometriosis UK that is supported by the NHS.





Hi again Charlie - re your other post, you already had problems with your ovaries so make sure you tell your GP this, as it might have made them vulnerable. I see you have been told you will be having more endo surgery - please be sure to read all my posts and ensure you are referred to a specialist centre as you have been given what sounds like poor treatment by general gynaes. There are waiting lists so the sooner the better. Get back if you need any help on how to proceed when the time comes. Also, as you have identified, all the details of your case need consolidating by someone taking overall responsibility and making sure the fertility clinic is kep informed.lx


Been to my gp she believes is an endometriosis flare up. She has told me to take my strong pain killers for 48 hours and if the pain hasn't reduced I need to go back so tramadol oromorph and ibuprofen it is xxx


Yes I feel I have been given poor treatment just pushed aside all the time I remmeber waking up following my surgery and the anaesthetist and theatre nurses saying how I'll and how much pain I must of been left in but when ever I see a dr it's as if they never believe me so frustrated see what my gp says today xx


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