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Taking Zoladex & livil for endometriosis I'm out of my depth

Hi new to forum. 41 years old had constant pelvic pain for 18months originally diagnosed with ovarian cysts but when I had lap it was discovered I had severe endometriosis. They put me on pill for 3 months didn't work so now they put me on zoladex & livil (hrt). Been on it 2 weeks & I feel awful. Headaches, vomiting, paranoia, anxious & I'm forgetting things. Still in a lot of pain. I work full time in a warehouse so no sitting down on job can't have time off as they don't like it. I'm struggling to function at home & work. I just want to lie in bed & cry. Feel like I'm at my wits end. Needed to vent to see if any of you ladies will understand what I'm going through xx

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Hi - can you say what your severe endo is and what was done and was it by a general obstetrician? Also can you describe your symptoms. Click on my username and look at my posts on endo and how to find a specialist. If you have rectovaginal endo it needs dealing with in an endo specialist centre or the equivalent as it unlikely to respond to Zoladex. Even if it does it will be only temporary so excision treatment is the way forward. x


Hi thanks for replying. Stage 4 endometriosis. Severe adhesions to rectum & ovaries. They couldn't remove cyst as it was stuck with endo. So They closed me back up. Symptoms with endo are constant sharp pelvis pain feels like I have an elephant sitting on my pelvis stabbing me weird I know but that's how it feels. Chronic tiredness & when the pains severe it makes me feel sick. I have pain whether I'm on a period or not. Gynaecologist tried me on pill 3months but that didn't help. She wont give me a hysterectomy as its too difficult (her words). So my only option is zoladex. Have to have it for 6months along side livil. I really hate feeling like this.


Hi - please could you private message me the hospital and name of the consultant who did this lap and closed you up so we can check them out. x


Hi. I was on zoladex with livial for almost 2 years due to severe endo. The first two weeks I spent in bed with the worst migraine of my life and thought I was going out of my mind. Then the moods etc but i stuck with it and despite gaining 2 stone I did start to recover as I had no periods. Its an aggressive treatment but if you can persevere it eventually pays off and no pain more energy! Really feel for you been there done that. I suffer awful migraine too ally life. Hope things settle for you take care x


You poor girl, this happened to me too, with a general gynae - he put me on Prostap and livial and I felt awful, so he changed the HRT 3 times! All crap.

I had stage 4 and have since found out these injections are ineffective over stage 2. I've just had an excision and hysterectomy and feel better already, post-op pain notwithstanding (3 weeks on)

Have a look at Lindle's list of specialists in your area and insist on a referral. It's very insensitive and unfair to let you go on like this.

Sending love x


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