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Are my symptoms endometriosis?

Hi ladies,

Yesterday, after 22 years of "interstitial cystitis", 15 years of vaginal pain (I was told it was all in my head), and 14 years of suffering with "IBS", I was told by a consultant I have endometriosis and a polycystic ovary. I'm gobsmacked and don't know how to feel. Relieved that I finally got a diagnosis after being continually fobbed off by the NHS, but worried for my body and the future.

My consultation felt very rushed and I didn't have the chance to ask the consultant why he feels it's definitely endo. Because my husband and I are trying for a baby, my consultant won't take any action until we've been TTC for a year, which means another 9 months of pain and frustration. He says me getting pregnant will sort it out, but if it doesn't happen because I have underlying fertility issues, I could be waiting 9 months for nothing (although I have regular normal periods).

If I may give a bit TMI, I'd love to hear from anyone with symptoms similar to my own who could reassure me that yes, this sounds like endo:


- constant full feeling

- urgency of needing to pee

- occasional burning of my urethra when I pee

- burning sensation in my uretha during sex


- burning pain inside my vagina during sex, inserting tampons, foreplay, etc.


- IBS like symptoms of loose stools, upset stomach, constant nausea (I also have a miatus hernia)

Any thoughts / observations / questions welcome!



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Hi Lisa

This is ridiculous - so-called specialists still telling women that getting pregnant will resolve endo. I really don't know what science they rely on in that thinking. More often than not it comes back with a vengeance after pregnancy.

Click on my username and read my first and last posts to see what you identify with. How old are you and how long are your cycles? x

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Thanks Lindle, you've given me food for thought. I'm 32 and my cycles are usually between 21 and 28 days. My period is currently two days late so hoping I'm preg! Your posts about NICE guidelines are interesting, I think I may ask for a second opinion through my GP (if I can ever get a bloody appointment).


I do hope you are pregnant! If not I would follow the guidance in my post on monitoring your fertility to see when you ovulate and how long your luteal phase is. In a 21 day cycle you would be unlikely to conceive without help. But do monitor your pain and all your symptoms in a diary so that when the time comes for further investigation into your endo you will have lots to go on when referred to a proper specialist.

But in the meantime I suggest you obtain a copy of the report the consultant sends to your GP and get back as that should give details of how he has diagnosed endo. Assuming all you have had so far is an ultrasound then the only endo that would show up is an endometrioma which is an ovarian cyst caused by endo as opposed to regular normal ones. An endometrioma suggests likely endo elsewhere and you are in a relatively fortunate position of having it dealt with from now on by a proper specialist.

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