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So... I had a lap in nov 2013 and I had a dye test while I was under.... I was diagnosed with endo and told both my tubes were blocked and I'd have no chance of falling preg naturally, I recently asked if there was any way to get my tubes unblocked..... I had a second dye test today as the start of investigating if it was possible and I have now been told my tubes are fine.... That they are functioning normally..... Has anyone else had this happen before? Me and my partner haven't used protection in over 3 years but there's still no little feet running around

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Yes I've had exactly the same except no diagnosis for endo

I'm back at gynaecologist in 2 weeks and want another Lap to find out what's going on


Yeh I was thinking of asking for another lap to find out what is going on... But when I spoke to my dr on the phone last night he sounded like he wasn't going to bother with any more tests!


That definitely sounds promising. I've just been told that both my tubes are blocked and that I won't be able to conceive naturally :(

I didn't even know that was possible for them to unblock in time? Fingers crossed and I hope everything works out for you x


I didn't think it was possible for them to either, think I need to make a drs app to talk to him x


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