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Where now?

I have stage 4 aggressive endo. I had an 8cm chocolate cyst removed in January this year and they didn't do anymore because I want children. I am 38 and have had many symptoms. The consultant advised me to get pregnant - to try naturally whilst I await an app with the ivf clinic. Two months since then no joy mostly because of the pain of intercourse. so the consultant did some investigating and turns out I had to have more surgery - so last week I had two chocolate cysts removed from vagina. He now says it's worse than he first thought and I need to blast it with medication to stem it getting worse and then try ivf.

I don't want to take medication to have fake menopause and take HRT. I don't want IVf.

I am in turmoil wondering what is best and what to do next.

I am trying acupuncture tomorrow for the first time. But this will help to lengthen my 23 day cycle but won't stop the endo multiplying.

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Honestly, I would want a second opinion with an endometriosis specialist, I too had stage 4 and very aggressive, I have just had major excision surgery and in the past resection of my bowel all in preparation for children, reducing the presence of endo with excision increases my chances far more than leaving it alone or with diathermy alone. As far as I am aware medication does not reduce endo it merely slows its growth, and if you are like me it will return afterwards. My specialist is set against me having any chemical menopause drugs as I plan to ttc next year. Maybe a more in depth discussion is in order so you can be more informed.

Good luck xxx


Yes good idea.

I am reluctant to take medication of any kind. It may be due tommy age he is saying stem it to stop it growing and then ivf. It's so hard to know which route to take.



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