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Angry and distressed... Zoladex rebound

Hi everyone

I've got adenomyosis with very heavy periods and anaemia, my physician put me on Zoladex for 5 months to reduce it (I'm trying to get pregnant with ivf) - given that apparently there's a window of opportunity after the Zoladex when the womb lining is thinner (easier for conception/keeping the baby). But they/we missed the window (pretty angry about that), and since coming off the zoladex my periods have been way heavier than before - I can't go to work some days and I'm suffering terrible flooding for 2-3 days at a time (truly awful if you're not near a toilet) and up all night. I was also admitted to A&E for a blood transfusion because I lost so much blood. But now he wants to put me on Zoladex again!! As he thinks it's gonna give me the best chance of getting pregnant. I can't believe he's suggested it again! He's also completely insensitive to the distress this causes. Does anyone have similar experience ? Or can suggest another physician in the London area who might be expert in adenomyosis ? Feeling desperate. Thank you so much ladies.

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Hi, just like to say, stay strong and good luck, have a look on the bsge list, do the specialised endo centres deal with adenomyosis,?

I've just been diagnosed with this and endo, only 4 days ago.

If you can cope for a few months is it still possible for you to full pregnant?

Sending well wishes, xxx

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Hi Tboag

Thanks so much for your well wishes. It might still be possible to get pregnant apparently, they don't seem to know.. just need to cope until then. Good luck yourself. There's a lot of support on this great site.

Anna xx


Screw THAT guy!

Are you going via NHS, or can you go privately? If you can go privately, Dr. Trehan is the man, apparently. endometriosis-consultant.co...

He's on the BSGE list as well. bsge.org.uk/ec-BSGE-accredi...

It shows his clinic in Yorkshire, but he has a clinic in London, Harley Street. Several women here have had treatment with him... I'd say he's well worth it.

If you're not going privately, that BSGE list has the recommendations!

I just want to say I now hate the word Zolodex, and everyone who thinks it's the fucking answer to everything. I don't know how women's health arrived at this conclusion, that everyone and their mother needs to be put into chemical menopause and whatever the woman in question is experiencing or anything she has to say be damned, but I really think this bullshit has to stop.

I'm so sorry this is happening to you. Be well and be strong. xx

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Hi moxyfilms

Thanks for getting angry with me! I'll check out that list. I agree - my experience so far is that physicians don't see / think about what the patient is going through. Or care. This treatment has made me worse, not better....I work in healthcare comms and I'm amazed that this is the only treatment... needs to be some serious investment into endometriosis/adenomyosis...

Thanks again xx


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