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Cyst found

Feeling really fed up and upset, ive recently had a ultrasound, which showed a cyst on my right overy, and a titled back uterus, I've been having problems with my bowels, back pain, pelvis pain, lethargic and tired, periods with are painful with clots, and now periods have disappeared, and had a boarder line abnormal smear test. My doctor just said it was IBS and put me on IBS tablets but I pushed for a scan and they gave in and scanned me and that's when the cyst was found, I was told to make an appointment with the doctor for early next week to discuss the scan and that they were pretty sure I would be back for more tests in probably about two weeks. Here is the problem I have got an appointment with my GP, but got a text today from my doctors asking me to ring them, so I have they mentioned they have seen a cyst but that no further action would be needed, they would send me for a ultrasound in 6 weeks time, but I didn't need a appointment to discuss it, they couldn't even tell me how big it was. I have insisted on keeping the appointment because I want answers as its causing a lot of pain. I was told at 16/17 years old I had PCOS I am now 33 and have had a cyst found in my breast too, yet they had no explanation for and that too has been left now. I am extremely concerned hence why I have turned to this support group, and I've even thought most my symptoms fit endometriosis but I cant seem to get my doctors to look into it.

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Omg!! Push push and push!

This sounds like history is repeating itself.

I had an ovarian cyst removed after months of trying! It turned out to be the size of a small orange!

I was diagnosed with endometriosis at the time of the open, my insides were all matted together and needed to be "washed"

As for your abnormal smear test, see what the docs say, I too bad this and had to have the baddy cells lazered off. I've been put through the mill a bit. Currently hoping for a 4th op!

Hope you get some answers soon.



You really do need to push with ur doctor. I had similar symptoms but was lucky my Dr sent me to a gynae right away. I also have a cyst on an ovary and tilted uterus. Ive been put on microgynon pill for 3 months to see if it reduces the cyst, I have a check up at the end of April.

I do not have an endo diagnosis but I will be pushing for a lap when I go back. Ask ur GP for a referral to a gynaecologist, good luck xx


Hi - please click on my user name and have a look at my post on endo and its many symptoms to see what you identify with. Most endo won't show on an ultrasound and just the few symptoms you have described fit endo.

You have done right to keep your GP appointment. Take some time to write a medical summary of all of your symptoms to take with you so you have it all clear when you are in front of him/her. Then ask them to write all your symptoms down on your record and watch them do this so you can check it's all recorded. GPs have to arrange their desk so a patient can view the computer screen at the same time. If they say you don't/can't have endo ask them directly why and insist that they give reasons and confirm in writing on your record that you can't have endo. This is likely to throw them completely off course as you will be taking charge of your own health, as is your right.

Have a look at my post on how to find an endo specialist and take time to read the links at the bottom to confirm your right to a second opinion and to see a specialist of your choice. Pain in your back and bowel problems indicate possible involvement in complex areas and it is important that you are seen by a proper endo specialist.

Incidentally IBS in the most common misdiagnosis for endo after 'in the head'.

Get back to me after your appointment in case you have to take things further to get a referral. x


I too have polycystic ovaries and got told for years that I have IBS. Scans showed with me that my uterus was tilted too and I always had heavy, painful periods. I eventually got a lap done and it showed endo. The reason my uterus is tilted is because I have endo behind my uterus in the pouch of Douglas and it is stuck back with adhesions to my bowels, hence the bowel issues I've had over the years and the wrong diagnosis of IBS. Push as much as you can for a referral and a lap. It took them 22 years for them to diagnose me. Unbelievable!


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