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Pain in my right shoulder Un bearable

Hi all I have found this site by Google I typed in pain in right shoulder before the start of my period and this site came up ! I have been reading the posts and my symptoms sound the same . I have been experiencing this pain for about 15 years but have only just recognised in the last 2 months that the pain starts just before I get my period it's been driving me mad it is mainly in the right shoulder and travels to my neck but I gave also had this pain in my left shoulder , the pain does come and go through out the month I am seeing my doctor on Fri fingers crossed I hope to get answers.

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That's what I suffeted the most in the past and still have psin on my right shoulder.

Apparently, it is a sign of endo on diaphragm.

Hope your GP will listen..


I agree with Akiboo, it could be diaphragmatic endometriosis. In my case it causes pain in right shoulder 2 days before my periods and it lasts for at least a week, sometimes 2. To the point I can't sleep at night. If you have other symptoms that suggest endometriosis, you should defo ask your GP. Good luck with the appointment. Keep us posted.

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Yes, I have this as well. The only thing that stopped it was a course of Prostap which must have dried something up...


Thank you all i will follow this up with my GP


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