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Finding the right doctor

Hi all. I am new to this group. I have read so many of your posts and have had my eyes opened.. I was diagnosed 10 years ago. It took 18 years to detect. I had a few ops and knew I would always suffer so basically just ignored it and tried to get on with my life. However this last 4 months I am really suffering. I finally went back to the doctors not realising that how I was feeling was typical of endo. I have no energy and feel fed up with fighting. After reading all your stories I want to take back my control..

Does anyone know how I go about finding a doctor who understands endo.?? I am fed up of being treated for other things!

Thanks for all your help So far..

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Hi - have a look at my posts on endo and how to find a specialist (if you are in the UK). Hope it helps.


Hi. Thanks for your replies and help. I have seen the list of specialists, which is extremely helpful. It is finding a good supportive gp that I m having a problem with. one where I don't have to keep fighting to get help and who understands endo..


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