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Endo and Adenomyosis

Hi I have had endo for a number of years, I've had surgery, Zolodex (16months) and lots of other hormone therapies. I've just found out I also have Adenomyosis and Adhensions between my cervix and bowel. Im 27 and we have been trying for a child now for 6 months with no luck, the consultant had booked me in for surgery again but says this wont help the Adenomyosis. Has anyone had any experience with this condition in terms of fertility, treatments etc. I have come to the conclusion that people suffering with the condition often no alot more about it than the consultants who don't offer the time to fully explain things to their patients.

Any advice or information would be great

Thank you

Nicola XXx

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Hi Nicola

Have a read of my posts on endo and how to locate a specialist (click on my username). I'm guessing your consultant is a general gynaecologist? Endo, especially involving an area near the bowel, should only be dealt with by a specialist in endo with a colorectal surgeon present. So please ensure that is the first thing to get sorted and don't take any more medical treatments for endo.

Adenomyosis is often associated with endo but is a different condition. The lining inside the uterus grows into the muscular wall of the uterus and causes thickening of the uterus wall that can cause severe period pain/bleeding as can endometriosis. This can be treated by what is called endometrial ablation which is burning away of the lining of the uterus, but this might affect your fertility. You are certainly wise to think about trying to get pregnant sooner rather than later.

An endometriosis specialist is a gynaecologist who has specialised in endometriosis but will still have the same general knowledge of gynaecology. So it is really important that you see an endo specialist who will be able to advise you on the adenomyosis as well rather that a general gynaecologist who won't have the specialist knowledge of endo that you need. x


Thank you, Ill look into it.



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