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A not so pleasant question!!

Sorry to ask but just feeling a little confused and worried. I have endo and suspected adeno. I am having a hystorectomy shortly, but just recently I have passed quiet a bit of fresh blood when I have been for a poo. I have mild endo on the bowel but it wasn't expressed as serious. I have had very small traces of fresh blood before but nothing like this. I am not in any extra pain, maybe just more fatigue if anything but I do work full time shifts including nights so put my tiredness down to that. Has anyone else experienced this?? I don't really want to contact my consultant as I know he will bring my op forward which I am trying to avoid, as this will be my fourth op in 18months and it's taken it's toll on me x

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Well. It could be more endo has built up, or gotten bigger and that's why there is more blood. It could be something with your stomach (very unlikely though). And finally it could be hemorrhoids. If you have had some endo in/on the bowel, I am thinking it has grown a bit bigger and therefor has let more blood go. When they do your hysterectomy, can they fix your bowel spot(s) as well?


I am unsure but might be worth mentioning it to my consultant before the op. Feeling a little more reassured though. Thank you for your responses. Endo messes up your body so much I never know when to be concerned or just to ignore and get on with it


I had the same thing. I had bright red blood when I did a poo and quiet a lot. I was worried because it was just after my lap. I was adviced to go to the hospital and they said I had internal haemorrhoids which bled because I was constipated. Another glamourous exploration of my body and lovely ailment! They said to only worry if blood is not brown because this is from futher up the digestion all track and could be an internal bleed. If your worried still get it checked out xxx


Thank you for your response, feeling a little more reassured. The bleedings not everytime. Maybe just keep an eye on it and hope it doesn't wosen. Us ladies with endo get prodded about enough without them checking out the other end.



Yes as someone has said red blood is not usually a cause for concern. The most usual cause is a fissure which is a little split in the anus, which is very common with constipation which in turn is common with endo. Whereas a little cut anywhere else would just heal naturally, when it is there every time you open your bowel it opens the split again. What I suggest first is that you wipe your bottom as normal after a poo when you've had blood then wash and dry it. Straight after take some new tissue and press it into the end of your bottom no more than say half an inch. If there are traces of bright red blood on it you will know it is coming just from the very end of your bottom and not from further up. Also if you have a good feel around you might find a tender area that is likely to be a fissure if you have no obvious piles that you are aware of. You can also have a look with a mirror.

Have a look at my endo posts in case they might help.



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