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Do I start ask to start ivf straight away after zoladex?

Hey everyone, had my second month of zoladex recently and just was just wondering if anyone can give me any advice, I have severe endo and been told recently I have that partial frozen pelvis, the specialist did say it won't be impossible for me to have children but IVF will be needed, what I want to know is when do people start ivf after they've had zoladex? Is it better to try as soon as possible? If anyone can shed any light i would be more than greatful x

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I can only tell you how it was with me. I was on Prostap ( so very similar) for 3 months (stage 4 severe endo) and then started ivf straight after. My FSH and AMH levels are really good still and yet we only got 6 eggs, 5 of which fertilised and only one of which got to 3 days which we had put back. That cycle didn't work. Of course we then had to go private and my new consultant said they thought my response had been affected as the prostap had shut my ovaries down too much so on the next cycle we didn't use anything beforehand. On that cycle in September they retrieved 15 eggs and at the end of the cycle I was left with 6 blastocysts- 5 of which are frozen and one of which is currently doing acrobatics in my tummy and is due to be born in May. Feel free to message me if you want any more info. And most importantly good luck! X


Aw wow congratulations!! That's a brilliant ending, I would love to keep in touch, I'm seeing the specialists again in a week and would love to discuss this with you, thankyou so much x


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