Listen to YOUR body not other people

Well after my post yesterday re work colleague commenting i looked really well i started questioning my own recovery. Maybe i shud be moving more? Maybe i should be doing more house stuff? Should i have let the doctor extend my leave to 3 weeks??? I can now assure you that the only question i shud answer yes to is the last one. I did a little cleaning of the bathroom and putting washing out which involved bending, squatting down and stretching in diff ways, i stayed up a little later (telling myself i hadnt really been tired all day) and then off i went to sleep .....or so i thought!!! Up most of night with extremely tight pulling stomach pains and back pains!!! Drifted off a little but got up walking like an oap this morning!! Lesson learnt....nobody can see inside of you or feel your pain.....never feel guilty for putting on make up to cheer yourself up......and you are in charge of your recovery so listen to your body and take care of it. X x x x

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  • Hello, I'm glad you have come to this conclusion, it takes as long as it takes, and like you say it's your body no one else understands the level of pain your in but you, if people want to be snotty or horrible that's a characteristic of them not you,

    Be careful and take that extra week to rest, everything else can wait, eat well sleep as much as you can and get a good book, or mini series

    I'm in on the 21st March for my first lap, and everyone has an opinion, no one has done any research like me, but they all know someone that recovered like ?????

    Good luck

  • Thanks for your reply :-) people are always eager to tell us about someone elses recovery compared to our own!! Thats the main problem there, no 2 people will recover the same so comparison is pointless!!! I love all the advice on here and other peoples experiences as you can pick out similarities as your'e the one going through it And feeling it!!!People are very quick to judge but they forget....a bit of make up and a smile can hide a life time of pain!! I am planning an NCIS and Grimm marathon this week :-) Good luck with your lap hun x x x x

  • I couldn't agree with u more. Where is the like button?! I had lap a month ago Monday. I was meant to be under for 40 mins and was under for 3 hrs. So after my op I kept googling " how long does it take to recover from a lap". The standard google result which said lap recovery should take a few days was stressing me out. In hindsight I wish I had just chilled out a bit more. I was racked with guilt about not going back to work earlier but once back I released my colleagues just wanted me get well. Listen to your body.

  • Hi :-) the amount of pressure we put on ourselves is crazy!!! i get guilty for not being at work because i "look" better, but what i feel should be the focus! Hope you are doing well today :-) x x

  • You are right. I suffer everyday back on prostap as I can't have hysterectomy because there is to much endo the damage is to far. Lately I have been starting to feel like I was cracking up with people saying you look great. Little do they know are understand how I feel. It can be upsetting. Especially when they ask why you don't just have a hysterectomy, as if it's my choice 4 surgeries and 2 abandoned after trying to do hysterectomy.

    Your right people look at you because you try to keep your self looking well on the outside.

    Lou x

  • Its sad because that little bit of make up etc is the only control we have over our bodies..... yet were judged for wanting to feel better about ourself!!! If only a bit of eyeliner and a coat of lip gloss could make endometriosis "pretty"!!

    X x x x

  • What people forget is now that surgeons can do MAJOR surgery through small holes they can only see the outside damage and not the inside. If we had a 10 inch scar (like my first op 15 years ago) 6 weeks off work would be the minimum. Just as much damage inside though. Ha ha, such I'm a hypocrite! Went swimming on Monday 4 weeks post lap and could hardly walk Tuesday - now I'm resting again! :) Take care lovely ladies! :)

  • Too true!!!im 2 weeks 4 days post op and walked my youngest to school yesterday and the same today......and currently feel like crap!!! One day at a time is hard work lol x

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