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Consultant today

I've seen my consultant today following surgery to remove cyst and some endometrioma cut out from my right ovary. He also discovered my left tube has hydrosalpinx but my right is fine. I've been on zoladex for the past three months. He gave me the choice of staying on it or coming off, I chose coming off as didn't want to be on it long term. I was lucky with side effects, just having night sweats which were tolerable and it has been cold! After my last surgery he had a view to further surgery for full excision. Now he wants to hold off on that and review me in six months, although that can change should my cysts etc grow again. I have severe endo but my symptoms are manageable to a degree. He is referring us for ivf as it can take a while. So pleased about the surgery being delayed. Don't feel too hopeful over the ivf and we have a few months of trying too. Terrified of my first period after injections, that's to come! Hoping things will get back to normal and I can settle in my job properly.

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Hi there, when you have your next op, perhaps ask him about the hydrosalpinx. I've also got one of these on my left tube and my consultant said that I needed to have that tube detached/removed as otherwise the liquid in the tube can drip into your womb and be a negative environment for the IVF. Wouldn't want you to have to have another operation to sort out the hydro when it can be done at the same time as everything else!


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