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Yes or no to heat

Yes or no to wheat heat bags and hot water bottles,

I've always been told by my chiropractor not to apply heat to my back because the main cause of pain comes from the inflammation, but since thinking my pains are probably due to endo or adenomyosis people keep saying apply heat to pelvic area, and yes it does help make me more comfortable, but as I understand it endo causes inflammation so shouldn't we be icing the area to take the inflamed area down,

What are your thoughts, xxx

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Interesting.... I had never thought of that. I don't know the answer but an interesting question and would be intrigued to hear what the answer is x


I just know that I can't use either heat or cold for my endo pain. It makes the pain a million times worse. My theory is the heat relaxes the muscles surrounding the endo spots for most ladies, and that in turn helps control the pain some.


That's what I think it must do, but in turn, I wonder if it increases the inflammation so is only good whilst the heat in on,


Ive always used heat packs / water bottles to ease the pain. I also use a small TENS machine when I'm at work. Personally, I think whatevers works for you is best - your chiropracter isnt suffering your pain, after all!


He certainly isn't lol, and getting pain well too, I don't see him any more, due to it not helping once more symptoms started, just a scary thought that it's helping whilst doing it but is harming long term, has anyone's gyne doc tell them to use heat,


I've never been told NOT to use heat, even though Ive said thats what I use for pain relief. I doubt it would make your endo worse, but I do know you have to be careful not to use packs that are too hot, as you can break the little blood vessels in the surface of your skin and this can cause scarring. When I was in my teens I used a water bottle on my back with no material in between and I got horrendous blisters, which had to be lanced by a nurse - very painful and I learnt my lesson!


chinese medicine and acupuncture suggest that endometriosis/inflammation of any kind is "hot" so you shouldn't add heat.

Although i have had some success with pain relief with a good acupuncturist- i live by wheat bags in the microwave, hot water bottles at work and electric blankets in bed.

Whatever helps you can't be wrong i think! It's soothing and calming to have heat - try a heat pad that goes on chair too- like a small square electric blanket- brilliant for pain when it goes into your lower back.

CuraHeat patches that you stick to clothes or even skin (make sure you check packet) are also good for when you're out and about and their discreet so no one knows!


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