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endo pain

I am 18 and a college athlete. I have had endo for years now and have been in crippling states. I have had two laps in the past year... one was botched and has messed up a few things for me so I had to travel to one of the best to fix it. One of my fallopian tubes was twisted and my colon was wrapped around my ovaries. I have suffered with leg and hip pain from the terrible pains in my lower abdomen I have gotten to point of throwing up because the pain can get so bad for me.. recently I have been getting very bad chest and diaphragm pains. I am talking to my dr about it but if you have any kind of remedies at all I would help with the pain greatly appreciate it. Advil and aleve and a heating pad just aren't cutting it... It is not easy being a teenager in college going through this and any help would be nice.

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