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Finally got a diagnosis... now what?

Hey everyone! I've been through the ringer with this endo (as I'm sure most of you have). After a lap at 21, I was informally diagnosed with adenomyosis. Now, four pain-having years later, multiple doctors who thought I was just being a pain in the ass, and two gynaecologists, I have an informal diagnosis of endometriosis. My last gyno decided to try Visanne, which worked well but I am still not pain free, and stated that since the medication was working it was pretty definitive proof. My question is, what do I do now? I think my first step is to have another lap, and get a definite diagnosis. After that, I'm not sure. Ive already changed my diet (years ago, actually) and exercise is something I kind of stay away from because of the pain it causes (even with the new medication). With all of the things I have read regarding infertility in women with endo, coupled with this gut feeling I've for most of my adult life that I'm already infertile, I have an idea in my head that I would like to have my ovaries removed, but at 25 and with no kids, I think it's unlikely I'll find a doctor who agrees to that. So I'm reaching out to you ladies, who possibly have a bit more experience and are slightly wiser than I am. What do you think?

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If you can help it leave at least one ovary. You don't want to start menopause any earlier then you have to as it WILL affect your body for the rest of your life. You could have severe health problems later. And if you are just going to do add back therapy after removing your ovaries, then you might as well save an ovary. If you are worried that you might have kids by accident, you can see if they will tie your tubes. But here where I live, you have to be 30 something (can't remember exact age) or gave birth to 2 kids (meanwhile it doesn't matter WHAT age a guy gets a vasectomy......unfair).

Did you get your uterus removed? Because that unfortunately is the only way to really get the pain to go away, as thankfully it is a contained kind of disease. If you have endometriosis, then you will still have pains (unless you have a mega skilled surgeon who got ALL endo spots) even after you remove the uterus, and possibly still after removing the ovaries.


Hi - I am so so sorry! I know how horrible this disease and the pain can be. I started taking Duloxetine 10 mgs a day and after 4 weeks have no pain! I have had pain that did not respond to anything - not herbs, acupuncture, drugs, 2 surgeries, etc. BUT I finally found the dulozetine and it worked so well. My first period on it I only had to take acetomenophen! Give it a try - it may take 6-8 weeks to kick in but mine only took 3 weeks. I would try everything you can prior to removing your ovaries. You have many years before menopause and your body need the hormones your ovaries produce. I am here for you any time you want to talk :-)



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