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Endometriosis on/ in small bowel


I wondered if anyone has been diagnosed with this.

After many laps I had another one a week or so and surgeon found endo on and suspects within the small. Bowel.He did say surgery on small bowel is more tricky than that on the larger bowel.

I do have an appointment with him next week and I do go to an accredited endo centre

And I can ask some more questions but I wondered if anyone had had experience in this either leaving it or having the surgery. I will also need an oopherectomy at the same time

Any experiences shared would be much appreciated xxxx

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I have been diagnosed with endo on the bowel about 3 years ago after quite a lot of other investigations. I have chosen not to go the surgery route at this stage since I really don't like the sound of it. I have had 3 other surgeries for fibroids and now have other problems as a result, mostly due to scar tissue. I have been trying more natural routes and my situation improves with these. I wrote a long post the other day with 'methods' which I believe have helped with my pain. Have a look if you like. I've spent five years with this disease.


Thankyou for your thoughts I am also a long term sufferer and feel I put off this bowel surgery for too long now feel I've ended the road with one any way will have big descions to make I feral .thanks againxx


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