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Endometriosis - Petition to David Cameron - please sign it

Please sign the Endo UK petition to David Cameron asking for endometriosis to be discussed in parliament.

Endometriosis needs faster diagnosis & greater education amongst the medical profession.


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All done x


I completely agree. Especially because not all Dr's. Know what they're doing. Even if they think they do. When someone is diagnosed with it. And informed is back. But in a different way. And have another Dr. Not helpful, or willing to be there for a patient. It's often misdiagnosed and not funny. I was told by my original Dr. It can come back even after Hysterectomy. The Dr was the best ob in that state. He was rated the best. My needs have been neglected since. And I was seen in ER by a Dr. That knows more about it and my problems/history. That agreed it is back. But had a bad Dr just see me that makes me have to find another Dr, because of his lack of expertise.


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