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Is it endometriosis-lengthy question


I have posted here before,but just need a bit of advice/opinions. I'm seeing my gynocologist on Tuesday and want to convince him to take me seriously(have seen on many posts that the Dr's are not really invested in the problem). I have a chronic pain in my lower abdomen feels like period pain. Sometimes a lower back pain as well.I do not have problems with constipation!or diarrhea. No pain meds work. Have been for many test gone for colonoscopies,gastroscopies. Drink pro biotics everyday. Always had painfull periods the first few days but not crippling. During that time I would get diarrhoea and bleed from behind etc. i wanted to fall pregnant but wasn't able to(maybe I just tried at the wrong times) so my Dr gave me a few pills and worked out when I was ovulating etc. the pain persisted through my pregnancy but went away for a while I was 5 months pregnant ( great) came back again and then when my baby was born it dissapeared(AMZAZiNG). I was exclusively breastfeeding. It came back after 5 months because I started to formula and Breastfeed.now it's a chronic pain as I only breastfeed 1's a day. Do you think it can be endo?????? Have anyone had a similar experience? Can this be a bowl endo. Had a sonar and found a small cyst on my right ovary but it is apparantly related to ovulation.

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Hi, sorry to hear your in pain, I would write all you symptoms down past, and present, and take it with you to you gyne appointment, sometimes it easier as when you get in there you tent to forget things, hopefully your gyne will refer you for a laporoscopy, this is the only way to diagnose for sure, I am awaiting my lap, and my gyne doc said he will remove anything he finds as well, I have been having pelvic back pain for years now of and on, but now it's constant, (6. Months) apart from a few days after my period when it seams to settle abit, but only for 3/4 days, that's only been for the last few months, I've always dreaded my periods as I get painfull periods for the first 2 days, now I'm willing them on so I can have a few days off pain, wish you luck, keep us informed, x

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Thank you,will keep you informed!


My consultant did and internal and managed to feel scar like tissue as she put it... And decided an laposcopy would be best then to remove all deposits.

My pains are heavy all the time feeling hot like burning and stabbing pains like needles... ! You must tell then all the pains... Write it all down and take with you

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