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advice on treatments


I have tried many different pills and after reading things on here i really do not want the coil, I am also reluctant to have the injection and implant due to family and friends experiences and going off the pill I dont fancy having hormones in me that I cant stop like the pill if that makes sense....... Can someone help me with what else is available for me i'm 23, I dont have a partner so contraception isnt a issue

thanks in advance

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Have you thought about trying diet/nutrition. It really helped me and definitely worth a thought.


Iv been doing that, it has not helped unfortunately. I will try anything once but the gynacologist i see is very pro pill and wants me on one that just does not help what so ever


If hormones don't agree with you your other options are painkillers or surgery.

There are several complementary therapies that can help . I have acupuncture which was quite effective for several years, tho less so now.

I find hormones don't work for me - I get no improvement in pain and lots of side effects.

I hope you find something that helps you


Thanks having a operation within the next 8 weeks so fingers crossed that helps x


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