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Unusual symptoms-Clomid connection?

hello am just looking for a bit of advice really1

Am 29 and have stage 4 endo. Following a lap in August last year some of it was removed and tubes and ovaries looked ok but found out I wasn't ovulating.

Started Clomid two months ago which has aggrevated the endo no end and made me feel physically incredibly poorly when I'm on but aside from that I'm very lucky I don't have other symptoms throughout my cycle.

Cycle has always been like clockwork 28days even last month with Clomid but this month I've had some cramping and tender breasts the last 2 days and I've also had some spotting this morning which I've never had ever. I'm not due on for another 5-6 days so just wondering if this is the Clomid behind this or endo changing its game a bit??

Any advice or experiences would be appreciated!



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