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Pain management whilst endlessly TTC

hi everyone. I had my first lap on dec 9,2014 to remove superficial Endo on my pouch of Douglas, uterosacaral ligaments and pelvic wall. 5 weeks on I am in pain, some days worse than others, today ( could be ovulation) it feels like it did before the surgery. Now I know I'm being impatient and dismissive to think i wouldn't be in pain so early on, but as I am now TTC, the regular long term pain mgmt isn't an option. Does anyone know long term pain mgmt that is safe to use whilst TTc? Panadeine extra and forte was Rec to me by a pharmacist, but I'm

Looking toward real long term mgmt, like anti depressants. Does anyone take pain meds whilst endlessly TTC? Seems so unfair to just have to put up with the pain when conceiving is so touch and go anyway!! Flood me with your experiences and knowledge!

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Hi I took mefanamic acid and tranexamic acid at the same time and it worked wonders for me, for both pain management and heavy flow. While taking these I also took a liquid iron supplement and effervescent vitamin supplement as a pick me up as I get anaemic and feel terribly run down. After a few months of taking these, I fell pregnant after many years of trying. Not sure if any or all of the above made a difference in our efforts ttc. Good luck with your efforts to become a mum!


Thanks so much for writing back to me ladydady, I will look into it right away! Congrats on conceiving, it gives me great hope :)


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