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It's abit crood but iv been bleeding for the most part of 2 years with clots inbetween, i also suffer from extreme stomach pains that sometimes make me pass out or fait, iv fitted twice whilst Iv been unconscious. Iv had all the blood test and the ultrasounds, iv had countless amount of prescription painkillers and some noeriseton to help with the pain and stop the bleeding but non have helped so far, the doctors haven't got a clue what's wrong with me and after 2 years of this its realy starting to ruin my life as when I'm not bleeding the pain is still there, my doctor said it sounded like it was endometriosis but my guinacologist said it's not, i really don't know what to do anymore, Please reply x

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Endometriosis does not typically show up on an ultrasound. Only when it is particularly horrific. The only way to check for endo is a laproscopy. They have to go inside and look for it. Nag and nag and nag. I saw it that for everyday I was in agony I would hobble to the doctors til they took me seriously. They did every STD panel over and over, asserted I was depressed (apparently intense pain can't make you cry) and even accused me of wanting to have it, being too fat... But I got my laproscopy, they saw the extent and no one ever said sorry but I had my diagnosis. Its a challenge but keep going x


Agree with 'endopains' ... ultrasounds do not show up endo.

You need to have a laparoscopy.

On what grounds it the Gynae saying it is not endo? They absolutely cannot tell for sure until they get in there and look.

NB When mine was first diagnosed by laparoscopy in 1994 (I was 38, and had been told for over 2 decades that it was 'just period pains' !! I had only coped by being on the pill all that time). The consultant recommended staying on the pill. However, the surgeon said that as I only had a small scattering of endo, he didn't understand why it was causing so much pain (remember, this was 20 years ago, and they know more now - and it depends how good the gynae/endo person).

NBB When I had a laparoscopy about 8 years ago (I was about 52, had been told to stop the pill when I was 50, 'cos of age) the pain becoming unbearable with increasingly frequent periods, the consultant then said I had so much endo, that he was amazed I had not been in much worse pain. Yet noting of this on ultrasound, both times - and the amount doesn't matter ... it's where it is and your personal body chemistry and lots of other factors.

Insist on seeing an Endometriosis specialist.

I hope you get sorted soon.


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