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Hi All

I had a total abdominal hysterectomy (ovaries and all removed) just over 2 years ago...my Endo pain seemed to settle for a bit...but the past 12 to 18 months my pain is back with a vengeance ;0(

I met with my consultant last week and she wants me to try Prostap injections again...1 every 3 months for 6 months. I know if my pain stops/reduces then Endo is back and if it continues then it's due to something else. I'm just a little confused how the Prostap will work as I have no ovaries? Feel a bit silly as I didn't think to ask my consultant....doh!

Would really appreciate any info/experience/understanding/knowledge that you ladies may have.

Thank you....in anticipation x

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Hi I can't offer you advice as I don't know either but I would suggest you ring your consultant's secretary and tell her your worry and question. In my experience the secretaries are all very lovely and I'm sure she can then ask your consultant to email or ring you to explain this. I took this drug for 7 months and it did it's job but it's a very very powerful drug that I think we are only supposed to take for a maximum of 6 months with additional HRT. If you do a search on this site for posts about it they are very informative. Good luck!!!


Hi Karen

Well it seems there's been a little boo boo


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