Endometriosis UK


Hi there, I have been experiencing, lower back pain, abdomen and groin pain for the last 4 weeks. I have been diagnosed with several different things, Urine infection, Bowel spasms, Appendicitis and IBS. none of the tables I have been prescribed have worked and have been now ruled out as none of the above. I have started to have irregular bleeds and I get very painful cramps prior to starting my period and during ( ihave experiecned these cramps since starting my periods during my last visit to the doctors i got told this could be Endometriosis and have an appointment with the consultant at the end of this month.

I have a lot of symptoms that are very much related to Endometriosis.

I have been on the pill for 8 years so could this be a sign that my body is telling me the pill doesn't want to work anymore hence getting the pain? any advice would be truly greaful.

very nervous 24 year old. Is there anything I should be asking at this consultation, any advice would be greatly appreciated.




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