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Pains seem to be coming back

Hi everyone! Currently on the 3rd month of my prostap injections and due my last one the 1st of jan. The past few days though I seem to be getting a few pains, not as bad as they were before the injections but they seem very familiar.

Not too sure if it's because I'm nearly due my injection or not?

Im not looking forward to the end of prostap as apart from the horrible menopausal symptoms I have had no pains at all (only my troubles with IBS).

Any advice would be great

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Hi, I've had 2 course of Prostap and although the first course was totally pain free, the second one I've had occasional pain at times - like you, nowhere near like without the injections, but still there. I put it down to taking HRT this time (I didnt first time round) so I stopped taking the pills after about a month. I'm getting some more pains now, but I had my last injection in July (havent started periods again though). I don't think you would get pains so quickly, even though your next jab is due, as it takes a few months to leave your body completely. Has your consultant suggested anything to help after the injections? I'm having an MRI this week to see if anything can be done surgically - I asked to be referred to an endo specialist as my gynae didnt seem to have any other ideas to help me!


Well I started taking hrt a week before my 3rd injection but had to come off due to my hormones going crazy!! And because I was getting a few pains. Felt fine since but like I said just a few twinges, strange!

I go back in feb to discuss what happens next, it's basically surgery as these injections have stopped the pain so it must be all down to to endo but their not too keen on surgery as I only had a lap done in march and where the endo is it's very risky to do the op.



I think our situations are very similar - they couldnt see much during my lap in feb, as there was so much endo sticking everything together - ovaries, womb, bowel etc, they said surgery was risky and so they just put me on Prostap aand were going to keep me on it until menopause (which could be 10 years). I did a lot of reading up and decided that wasnt going to be good for me long term, then found out on here that if you have severe stage 4 endo, you should be referred to an endo centre. So I found out where my nearest 1 is and asked my GP to refer me (took a bit of badgering as she wasnt keen!). I saw a proper endo specialist in Nov and he says they probably can operate and the MRI will give him a better idea of what would be involved. You sound as if your endo is a lot like mine, so if you're not already with an endo centre, its probably worth asking about being referred. Good luck!


Thanks I will ask about it when I go back in feb and if no joy go back my gp. My endo is on the tube connecting the kidney to the bladder so there's risk of damaging both which I can understand why they don't want to operate but they better have a good alternative because I don't want to be in pain like I was haha! X


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