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So iv been having out of the ordinary pains for about 2 months now and sene my GP tryed all pain killers and now i am on norethisterone to stop the bleeding which i had for 2 months straight. Doctor thought it may be the bleeding causing my endo to cause the pain however bleedings stopped thank god!! but pains are still her and if anything have got worse and also started on my left side aswell as right......

Im going for a scan wednesday only took them 4 weeks!! but im just wondering can a scan see endo? because no previous scans did and it was only when i had the op they found it? Also worried that if they dont see anything on the scan i will just be dismissed and I dont want that..... if it is my endo developing by either getting worse or being somewhere new I want proof not just guesses if that makes sense

Anyone else had this issue?

thanks in advance

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They often do a scan like ultrasound to check if there is a cyst or fibroid. If it is clear they should move on to other diagnostics/help. It should just be part of the process of isolating what is causing the pain.

If you get nowhere with GP ask to see gynae or endo specialist.


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