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Absolutely infuriated!

I've been struggling for the last three months in pain, haven't heard anything from doctors or hospital over the agreed treatment from the last appointment with my gynecologist. I've been extra patient waiting because we all know what the NHS can be like, especially at this time of year, but last night I was in agony so I thought right i'll phone the hospital and see if a letter has even been sent to my gp, the receptionist was lovely and explained that a letter had been sent on the 22nd of september an I should have had my first injection in November as I have to see the gynecologist again after my third one in feb, to which il now have to wait longer because I haven't had my first one yet. so i contacted my gp who found the letter and said it was their mistake.. Now awaiting a phonecall back to book me in sometime this week hopefully!

Just cant believe i've been struggling on with work and everyday life all because someone can't do their job properly!

So infuriating!!

Lets hope we start getting somewhere now! Xx

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Hi there, gosh how frustrating :-( so sorry to hear you have been suffering for the last 3 months in pain. I hope they can fit you in for the injection asap (is it zoladex?). Hope it makes a difference to the pain. Hopefully they can still see you in Feb to discuss how it's going. Take care and good luck for the injection.


I imagine the injection will be zoladex but I haven't been told the name of it yet. I've been booked in for thursday morning, although I seem to have come down with a fluey bug today so god knows if I will still be able to have the injection?

They also didn't say if I should carry on taking my pill until thursday or to stop taking it now. Feel so in the dark considering its a pretty serious injection to have :/ xxx


Hi there, it sounds like you really need to talk to a clinician - are you seeing your GP on Thursday? Hope you feel better soon xx


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