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Fertility worries


Just had mine and got diagnosed I knew something was up with me Before operation as pain was bad and felt tired often on one occasion my partner drove me to a & e as it was bad whilst there they scanned me and found a cyst large ovarian cyst because of my symptoms they booked a larascopy after few months and few trips back to the doctors. Now I've had my op been reading online about endometriosis as diagnosed after they've treated I was shocked and scared how many women have had this treatment and then had children naturally.

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It's such a roller coaster when diagnosed isn't it, on the one hand relief that you know what's causing your pain but on the other worry as to what it means. I have been in a similar boat diagnosed this year and TTC, the good news is because of the endo you should be entitled for IVF, so when you go back to your docs tell them your concerns and they should refer you . Also remember you can still conceive naturally so don't lose hope. Good luck xx

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